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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Garcia Diana TRIO Project Director, ETS Student Services, TRiO (916) 484-8054
Garcia Angel Interim Director Student Services, TRIO Educational Talent Search (916) 484-8429
Geary Parrish Dean Student Engagement & Completion Student Services, UNITE Center (916) 484-8172
George Gary Professor Technical Education, Electronics Technology (916) 484-8192
Gilreath Satyn HomeBase Coach/SPA Student Services, Health and Service HomeBase (916) 484-8457
Gomez Martin Coordinator Student Services, EOP&S (916) 484-8128
Grant Terrell Outreach Specialist Student Services, Outreach (916) 484-8142
Griffin Robert Counselor Student Services, Veterans Resource Center (916) 484-8882
Gunn Marty Adjunct Professor Technical Education, Automotive Technology (916) 484-8354
Harper Eric Professor Technical Education, Automotive Technology (916) 484-8046

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