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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Alexander Carie Counselor Support Programs, DSPS (916) 484-8799
Allison Clinton DSPS Supervisor Support Programs, DSPS (916) 484-8796
Aranda Amanda Counselor Support Programs, DSPS (916) 484-8382
Daily Nick Interim Dean of Equity and Inclusion President's Office, Office of Equity and Inclusion
Dixon Melanie College President President's Office (916) 484-8211
Fields Jean Clerk II Support Programs, EOP&S (916) 484-8405
Foley Bret TANF/CalWORKs Specialist Support Programs, CalWORKs (916) 484-8961
Fong Angela Counselor Support Programs, EOP&S (916) 484-8316
Gomez Martin Coordinator Support Programs, EOP&S (916) 484-8128
Griffin Robert Counselor - Veterans Resource Center Support Programs, Veterans Resource Center (916) 484-8882

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