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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Email
Daily Nick Interim Dean of Equity and Inclusion President's Office, Office of Equity and Inclusion
Dixon Melanie College President President's Office (916) 484-8211
Fields Jean Clerk II Support Programs, EOP&S (916) 484-8405
Fong Angela Counselor Support Programs, EOP&S (916) 484-8316
Gomez Martin Coordinator Support Programs, EOP&S (916) 484-8128
Jenkins Arthur EOPS Counselor Student Services, EOP&S (916) 484-8885
Lopez Anjelica Interim Student Personnel Assistant EOP&S, EOP&S-NextUP (916) 484-4514
McCoy Sue Confidential Administrative Assistant III President's Office (916) 484-8211
Militan Lyubov Student Personnel Assistant Support Programs, EOP&S (916) 484-8856
Reynolds Tera Black Student Success and Dual Enrollment Faculty Coordinator President's Office, Equity and Inclusion Office (916) 484-4573

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