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Advanced Education for High School Students

Courses that provide enrichment and advancement in educational experience may be offered on a limited basis to high school students who have demonstrated academic achievement. The student must be 16 years of age or have completed their sophomore year of high school prior to the first day of the college semester. Advanced education students may not take remedial classes, those classes which need to be repeated because of low grades, and classes offered in the student's own school.

High school students should request information from their high school counselor regarding eligibility and complete the advanced education application. The high school counselor should then submit a completed advanced education application form that has been signed by a parent and by the high school counselor or principal, and an official transcript.

After the advanced education application has been approved, Admissions & Records staff will enroll the student in classes. An advanced education student is not considered a continuing student when registering for classes for any subsequent semesters. It is the responsibility of the advanced education student to become familiar with, and aware of, all the requirements, processes, and deadlines pertaining to advanced education.

For more information, see advanced education admissions.