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New faces means a new scheme for this year’s squad

November 12, 2013

Kameron Schmid, Staff Writer 

From ARC Current

It’s a new season for the men’s basketball program, and there are plenty of fresh faces. Only two players from last year’s roster returned (Caleb King and John Callis), and the three leading scorers from last year’s team (Mardell Thompson, Chad Haysbert and Jarvis Watkins) have left.

The men made the playoffs with a 12-14 record last season, but exited with a first round loss. However, there’s plenty of opportunity for new players to emerge.

Head coach Mark Giorgi, in his 16th season coaching at American River College, thinks the team will rally together as a unit rather than as a few individuals leading the way.

“It’s gonna be a host of guys who can fit pieces to make a bigger puzzle,” he said during practice Nov. 1.

With the tallest player on the team being 6’5”, as opposed to last year having “three guys 6’9” and higher,” Giorgi is going to have to change styles of play on both sides of the ball.

“Normally we play a traditional half-court set, but being so small, we’re going to pick the tempo up and use a dribble-drive offense. We’re trying to get quicker shots, but still good shots, and not force things. Defensively…we’re gonna have to expand the floor, put pressure, trap, (and) try to cause turnovers,” Giorgi said.

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